I’ve been very busy, which has caused me to miss posting these last couple weeks.  Two weeks ago I was just constantly busy with work; now I’m just as busy because I went to the AWP writer’s conference this past weekend.  Missing five days of work definitely puts me behind.

Even so, I’m pretty excited about this poem I just completed a draft for.  I’m sure it needs work, but as I go through it, I remain pretty happy about it.  I’m surprised I don’t end up changing a bunch of stuff.  Surely I will after workshop next week, but…for now, I feel like posting it.  It’s called ‘Zombie.’


Dangle head-over-heels as skies await your soles
And echoing canyons flee your fingers.  Angel
Shale stripes Muav like ribbon, but melts to grayscale,
Faded chalk, as sunlight dribbles away.  Shamble
Back, park in seclusion, recline your bed.  Night comes
At ten.  Breathe pale heat, not flat air; x-ray the dead
Upholstered waste to an upside-down dark ceiling
Whose blank white specks quietly judge you.  Successful
Beams all-present as one bulb, blocked by felt padding.

Thudding on glass, fingertips catch under
Your air slit, snapping like peanut brittle.
They decay and drool while they tumble down
Your naked chest.  Gray rotted blueberries.
The window breaks devoid of echo, struck
Like by a fermented melon, catching
Shards in its flesh, and you topple away,
Writhing through the passenger door.  It snarls
Lazily at your tired bare foot, grabbing
You.  Only craving sleep.  Its hand slides off
Like wet cardboard pulled apart; you stumble,
Crawling, and quash it, popping black brain chunks
Out the car-door-compactor.  Wash yourself,
As the goo sloshed your ear, infecting you.

Corrupted before and will be again, squashed bile—
Caked and bursting these never-ending secretions—
Is too familiar.  The noxious bag haunting you
Oozes, anxious.  Clean it in the morning, not now;
Trickle hot liquid from the trunk and scrub the gook
Until you’re fresh.  Stretch long on the cool roof, gazing
At kaleidoscope clusters that swirl, hypnotize,
And hush you away.  Heat brushes your tiny fur;
Forget the monster who will taint your flesh again.